My name is Mustafa Simsek, I am 21 years old, media informatics student and living in Cologne.


I really love creating design and enjoy doing new things which I can share with you all. I am not afraid of trying new things, so for me everything is possible if you want to.

Thanks to my cousin Apo who showed me Photoshop CS, I am designing since I was 14 years old and do not regret anything! Started by tuning cars and lowering them, went to signatures in forums and started to enter small competitions , then to manipulating pictures to create surreal things.From time to time I got better and better and went in the direction of print design. I learned a lot and I am so happy now to expand my spectrum and learn programming in my university. In my free time I am also trying to make music because I LOVE Music!


So basically, this is me.


Mustafa Simsek



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